Run a validator

The Q blockchain is based on a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, where a permissionless and decentralized set of validators processes transactions.

To learn how to become a validator in Q, check out the documentation. To familiarize yourself with Q, you can spin up a validator on the Q testnet.

Aspiring mainnet validators can purchase Q tokens directly via a direct facility from Q Development, a company dedicated to supporting the Q ecosystem.

Validators are rewarded for their service with Q tokens. To get a sense of the level of rewards that you can expect, check out the validator rewards calculator and the explainer blog post published by Q community member Sameer.

Validator nodes receive not only transaction fees, but also fees generated by applications that use Q’s governance framework. This ensures the long-term viability of validator rewards. Check out the “Economics” section of the Q Whitepaper to learn more.

An added benefit for validators on Q: The Q protocol has implemented the concept of “constitutional slashing”, which protects validators against unjustified slashing. This translates directly into lower risk compared to validation on other proof-of-stake protocols.

For any questions or tech support, head straight to the validator channel on the Q Discord.