Become a Root Node

The Root Nodes are a type of stakeholder unique to Q. They are an independent set of full nodes whose duty it is to enforce compliance with the Q Constitution. Unlike the Validator Nodes, Root Nodes disclose their identity and must be voted into position by the Q Token Holders.

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Q Root Nodes


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Enable good governance via Root Nodes

Take advantage of our Root Node panel, which is diversified both by geography and industry, and move beyond “code is law”.

Root Nodes provide an added layer of security and ensure good governance by upholding the Q Constitution. They play a central role in overseeing the constitutionality of actions taken on the Q Blockchain. This multiplies the complexity for any attack on the chain, surpassing the integrity of earlier generation blockchains and achieving a maximum level of trust and independence within the Root Node panel.

Dive into the Root Node role

  • Ensure that Validator Nodes comply with the rules of Q;
  • Verify the constitutionality of proposed changes to the Q Blockchain;
  • Enable decentralized code deployment without private keys or mutisigs;
  • Connect off-chain dispute resolution via private arbitration at the ICC with the on-chain world.

Receive rewards

Root Nodes are critical in maintaining the integrity of the Q ecosystem, learn about how they are rewarded for their work.

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Enter the Root Node panel

Join a panel of experts and take part in taming the Wild West.