Become a root node

Root nodes are at the core of Q’s governance architecture. They are highly respected entities and people who run full nodes and are tasked with protecting the Q Constitution.

You can learn about the role that root nodes play in Q’s governance framework in section 4.2 of the Q Whitepaper. The current root node panel can be found in the Your HQ governance dApp.

Root nodes are elected by Q token holders based on criteria specified in the Q Constitution. These criteria ensure that the elected panel of root nodes is independent and has the skills needed to take decentralized governance to the next level.

If you seek active participation in Web3’s most advanced governance framework, a role as root node might be the right thing for you!

If you are ready to apply for a root node position, head straight to the documentation, where you will find detailed instructions on how to become a root node.

Root nodes receive not only transaction fees, but also fees generated by applications that use Q’s governance framework. This ensures the long-term viability of root node rewards. Check out the “Economics” section of the Q Whitepaper to learn more.

For any questions or support, head straight to the root node channel on the Q Discord.