Q Root Nodes

Root Nodes are distinguished experts and industry leaders selected by Q Token Holders. They use their specialized knowledge and impartial judgment to safeguard both the Q ecosystem and external projects, providing incorruptible oversight as a neutral third party.

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Q Root Nodes


Fully decentralized code upgrades

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Apply to become a Root Node and contribute to establishing sound governance in Web3.

Root Node functions

  • Verify constitutionality of proposed protocol changes
  • Decentralized implementation of code upgrades and community decisions
  • Impartial oversight of Expert Panel decisions
  • Neutral third-party oversight of treasuries to protect against governance exploits
  • Oracle connecting off-chain realities to the on-chain world
  • Execution of arbitral awards
  • Rule-based non-deterministic slashing of stake

Why do you need Root Nodes?

Without enforcement, any set of rules and the resolutions arising from it are worthless.

Q is unique in that it provides a credibly neutral and credibly fair layer of human-centered nodes to ensure compliance with rules adopted by a decentralized organization.

Q’s Root Nodes can review and interpret human-readable rules. They can then codify judgments on-chain, pushing a transaction that enforces the ruling. They provide an incorruptible link between the on-chain and the off-chain world. This enables anyone to work with decentralized partners in a truly trusted way



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Why is it important to have checks and balances outside of the native organization and how can the Root Nodes make a difference?

What do the Root Nodes get in return for their contributions?

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How can I become a Root Node?