Why Q

Are you looking to shed the limitations of Code is Law, see what Q can do for you.

Q for AI

AI is taking over the world. But how do we ensure that AI serves human interests? Setting and enforcing the rules for AI must not be left to a few corporations or governments. Q provides a powerful governance framework that can be deployed to ensure AI safety in the decentralized world.

  • Enforceable rules and boundaries for decentralized AI systems
  • Provision of a human backstop in AI-powered protocols
  • Control of autonomous AI agents to ensure they do not go rogue
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Q for Decentralized Organizations

Say goodbye to centralized governance, rugpulls and community infighting! On Q you can establish decentralized organizations that actually work.

  • Enforcement of agreed-upon rules
  • Integrated dispute resolution
  • Governance beyond code is law
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Q for DeFi

Q helps to unleash the true power of DeFi: By providing a solid governance backbone, Q can help to reduce the risk of existing projects and enable entirely new models.

  • Parameter setting via expert panels
  • Reduction of legal uncertainty
  • Economic sustainability
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Q for Developers

Q offers a great developer experience. It is fully EVM-compatible, so you can write smart contracts in Solidity and use the entire toolchain that you are familiar with. On top of this, if you want to develop dApps that go beyond code is law, you can use Q’s governance-as-a-service features.

$ 0.0001per transaction
5 sBlock time
100 %Uptime
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Q for Validators

Q has a strong community of validators. Unlike in any other DPOS system, the Q constitution protects validators from arbitrary slashing. New validators will benefit from an Easy Onboarding Program to acquire Q tokens (QGOV).Read more about validator benefits

4 differentrevenue streams
> 13 %APR
< $60Setup cost
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Q for Token Holders

Transactions on Q are fast, cheap and secure. Through its delegated-proof-of-stake consensus, Q is ecologically sustainable. In case of questions, a supportive community is there to help.

  • Earn rewards for supporting Q's proof-of-stake blockchain via in-protocol stake delegation
  • Shape the future of Q buy participating in governance
  • Use your Q tokens (QGOV) to pay for transactions, purchase NFTs or use one of the many service deployed on Q
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Need Help?

If you have a question about Q or have a support request, you can reach out to Q Community on Discord and submit a ticket there.

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