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A new home for DAOs! Q brings to DAOs what nation states offer to companies. Start a real organization by setting up an enforceable constitution that’s valid in web3 and beyond. From proposals to DAO code upgrades, DAOs on Q can be fully decentralized!

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Create your decentralized organization in minutes! You can set multiple roles, implement strong checks and balances and govern your DAO through fully decentralized proposals. Deploy today and take control of your organization’s future.

Creating a DAO on Q

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Launch a DAO today!
Does your DAO need a Constitution?

Does your DAO need a Constitution?

A DAO constitution establishes the foundation of going beyond code-is-law. It is a document, that lays out how the DAO works and creates a common base of understanding for everyone involved in the DAO. The DAO constitution can even include rules on how to change the rules or serve as a basis to resolve disputes. In short:

  • Increases security and transparency for all members;
  • Protects DAO from legal and regulatory challenges;
  • Can make a DAO robust and sustainable by including rules to change the rules.


DAOs deployed

Launch a DAO today!

Benefit from full decentralization!

Your DAO can evolve and adapt to changing circumstances. Be it adding new modules, or upgrading the DAO code - all of this can be done without any master key or admin rights in place. Just by voting, your DAO can govern itself. A DAO does not need any central authority!

Already have a DAO?

Once your DAO is deployed, you can use the DAO HQ to manage it. In the DAO HQ, you can participate in DAO governance, elect representatives, upgrade your DAO or just check important DAO parameters.