Deploy tooling on Q

Q’s free and open economy is growing fast. Many tools and utilities have already been deployed on Q, but more is always better!

If you are involved in a project, protocol or company that provides tools for DAOs and other decentralized protocols, you should deploy on Q!

Since Q is fully EVM-compatible, deploying existing applications that are already live on other EVM-compatible chains is easy. You will find the resources needed in the documentation and the Q repo. If you have questions or need tech support, head to the developer channel in the Q Discord.

But there is more: Is there something you’ve always dreamed of building? Check out Q’s governance stack and upgrade your tool to build “beyond code is law” or simply improve its security. Speak to someone from the team on Discord to learn what is possible on Q!

If you require financial assistance to develop or deploy a tool or app that you think would be of value to the overall Q community, you might be eligible to receive a grant from the Q International Foundation. Check out their grants page and make sure to apply fast since demand is high and places are limited!