Q Development AG and wom3n.DAO Collaborate: A Landmark Partnership Revolutionizing Web3 Governance and Championing Female Inclusion in Blockchain

June 28, 2023 — wom3n.DAO and Q Development AG have announced a landmark partnership. This unique collaboration will see wom3n.DAO leverage the Q Protocol to build its DAO, marking a significant step towards inclusivity and efficient governance in the Web3 space.

Dajana Eder, a pioneer in the Web3 space, is the visionary behind wom3n.DAO, an award-winning network dedicated to increasing female representation in blockchain technology. Dajana’s relentless commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting the visibility of women in tech has not gone unnoticed. She was chosen as one of the 25 Future Makers by Business Insider Germany, a testament to her efforts in fostering diversity and inclusion in a sector often viewed as unprofitable and charitable.

With the creation of wom3n.DAO, Dajana has actively sought to change the gender disparity in blockchain, where women currently represent only 12% of the industry. Despite initial challenges, her dedication has resulted in thousands of individuals entering the Web3 space, empowered by the rich content, podcasts, and events offered by wom3n.DAO.

For her ground-breaking work with wom3n.DAO, Dajana was awarded the Digital Female Leaders Award in the IT-Tech category, an initiative supported by Tijen Onaran and Global Digital Woman, backed by Accenture. This award acknowledges women leaders who are driving digital transformation, making significant strides in various sectors, and shaping the future of digitalization.

Dajana’s impact extends beyond awards and recognition. As part of the WOW3 Unstoppable Women of Web3, she is regarded as one of the most inspirational women in Web3 and the Metaverse. Her philosophy is simple yet powerful — make Web3 accessible to all. With a focus on action, Dajana and her team at wom3n.DAO host educational and networking events, providing an entry point for newcomers to Web3. Dajana doesn’t just envision an equal, democratized, and decentralized future — she and her team at wom3n.dao are actively building it.

The mission of wom3n.DAO aligns perfectly with Q Protocol’s goal to provide a solid governance backbone for the Web3 world, and this partnership is primarily based on the efficiencies and governance advantages provided by Q’s DAO factory. The DAO factory will enable wom3n.DAO to deploy their DAO swiftly while maintaining robust governance structures within a sound legal framework. This allows the establishment of expert panels and the creation of a separate member committee within the DAO, which will interact with tangible assets, conduct events, and interact with the outside world. In short, the DAO Factory offers a platform to swiftly and efficiently establish a DAO in the Q Protocol, facilitating streamlined construction, robust governance, regulatory transparency, and the creation of an enforceable constitution. It provides flexibility to match the DAO’s conceptual blueprint, integrating real-world legal frameworks, and implementing robust checks and balances to promote good governance and security.

The key benefit of building wom3n.DAO on Q Protocol is the transparency and enforceability it brings to the governance structures. By defining the DAO’s governance structure with Q Protocol, potential governance exploits, often the cause of attacks on DAOs, can be avoided. The enforceability of the ruleset and the system of checks and balances integrated within the Q Protocol will ensure that the DAO operates efficiently, transparently, and securely.

A second major factor is an ability to establish an enforceable DAO constitution on Q, an essential step for wom3n.DAO as it handles real-world assets and events. This partnership will not only enable wom3n.DAO to integrate its entire DAO on Q but also provide a crucial testbed for Q Development to improve its offerings further.

This collaboration supports Q Protocol’s mission to build a decentralized world where transactions are transparent and enforceable.

For wom3n.DAO, the collaboration with Q Development AG will catalyze its mission to bridge the gender gap in Web3. Dajana said, “This space could be a utopia — a wallet does not know gender — but it’s still a reflection of our, real life, unsolved problems.” The partnership with Q Development AG allows wom3n.DAO to lead the charge in solving these problems and creating equal representation in the Web3 space.

About Q

Q is a new type of economy, providing a framework for decentralized organizations to flourish. Based upon a novel Layer-1 public blockchain, complete with governance infrastructure, Q is a chain that unlocks the new evolution of organizations. Any protocol, community, or DAO can integrate with Q, instantly improving its governance’s quality and security. The human-centered, plug-and-play governance system makes it easy to launch bespoke, transparent, and fair processes for decision-making, enforcement, and dispute resolution. Q is a cooperation backstop when “code is law” cannot answer non-deterministic questions. It allows for automated efficiency and human complexity to co-exist, making organizations incorruptible and prepared for the unknown. Q takes us beyond code, beyond yes and no, into an incorruptible future.

To learn more about the Q protocol, visit g q.org.

Q Development AG supports the development of Q.

To learn more about Q Development, visit qdev.li.

About wom3n.DAO

wom3n.DAO is a network for the next generation of female founders and investors. They focus on innovation, growth, and the future of Web3. The organization offers an exclusive, token-gated network with access to international Web3 masterclasses, IRL events, and curated resources. Moreover, wom3n.DAO provides an infrastructure composed of artists, creatives, creators, coaches, enthusiasts, mentors, and investors that you can interact with on their online community platform. With opportunities for chats, video calls, masterclasses, and real-life events, wom3n.DAO brings diverse talents and perspectives together, empowering its members to navigate and contribute to the Web3 landscape confidently. They are a thriving community dedicated to fostering innovation, growth, and the future of Web3.

To learn more, visit wom3n.io