• Calculating Q Validator Compensation

    Calculating Q Validator Compensation

    The Q blockchain is maintained by a set of validators. They operate full nodes and sign blocks to validate transactions on Q. By rejecting invalid transactions, validators ensure the integrity… Read more

  • Q for Financial Institutions

    Q for Financial Institutions

    For every financial institution, blockchain should be a top priority on the strategic agenda. Missing out on one of the biggest paradigm shifts in the history of finance would be… Read more

  • Q for the Metaverse

    Q for the Metaverse

    The emerging metaverse still lacks one of its most important building blocks: A sound governance infrastructure. Q’s vision is to provide a universal governance layer that users, companies, and projects… Read more

  • Q for DAOs

    Q for DAOs

    DAOs are a hot topic in crypto today, and rightly so: Experimentation on novel forms for people to organize and coordinate in the digital space are badly needed. Since “THE… Read more

  • Q Testnet “Fischer” Is Live!

    Q Testnet “Fischer” Is Live!

    Today, Q’s new testnet “Fischer” was launched. It is the sixth testnet of the Q protocol and succeeds the “Eckert” testnet. The codebase of the new testnet now is now fully in… Read more

  • Q Mainnet Is Live!

    Q Mainnet Is Live!

    On 23 March 2022 at 03:25:07 UTC, the Q mainnet went live. This is a major milestone for the Q protocol. Congratulations to everyone in the Q community who has been… Read more

  • Governance, Blockchain and Value Creation

    Decentralized governance is one of the hottest topics in crypto today. Within the crypto community, there is a strong sense that good governance is a key value driver for many… Read more