Author: Martin Schmidt

  • Q & A on Q (Part 2)

    Q & A on Q (Part 2)

    A while ago I wrote a blog post Q&A on Q (Part 1). As the title suggests, I promised to publish a second part, answering questions that I did not cover… Read more

  • Exploring Q – Your Comprehensive Q&A Session (Part 1)

    Exploring Q – Your Comprehensive Q&A Session (Part 1)

    First, a confession: I wrote this blog post because I am lazy. When talking to people about Q for the first time, I am often asked questions that are aimed at poking… Read more

  • Q for Financial Institutions

    Q for Financial Institutions

    For every financial institution, blockchain should be a top priority on the strategic agenda. Missing out on one of the biggest paradigm shifts in the history of finance would be… Read more

  • Q for the Metaverse

    Q for the Metaverse

    The emerging metaverse still lacks one of its most important building blocks: A sound governance infrastructure. Q’s vision is to provide a universal governance layer that users, companies, and projects… Read more

  • Q for DAOs

    Q for DAOs

    DAOs are a hot topic in crypto today, and rightly so: Experimentation on novel forms for people to organize and coordinate in the digital space are badly needed. Since “THE… Read more