This is a statement from the Q International Foundation on its vote on #7 Basic Constitution Proposal . The Q International Foundation’s Voting Policy lays down the principles according to which it exercises the voting rights attached to its Q tokens. This statement is published in accordance with the Q International Foundation’s commitment to providing full transparency of its voting behaviour in Q Protocol voting.

#7 Basic Constitution Proposal is currently open for voting on-chain. The proposal is correctly classified as a “basic” constitution proposal, requiring a 25% quorum and more than 50% majority to pass.

This proposal seeks to extend the maximum number of Validators in the active Validator set from 27 to 31.

Intended voting action in Q Protocol voting

Q International Foundation supports the initiative to grow the active Validator set. At the same time, it does not see a particular reason to take a directional view on this issue. Q International Foundation therefore submits a “neutral” vote in accordance with par. 2. a. of its Voting Policy. Concretely, this means that Q International Foundation submits an equal number of “yes” and “no” votes, thereby ensuring that the quorum required for the proposal to pass is met, while not influencing the outcome of the vote.


The Validator set on Q was envisioned to grow gradually as the Q Protocol develops. As one can see from the external reference of this proposal, the current active and standby Validators are believed to have reached a level of heightened resilience that suggests a capacity to accommodate a slight expansion of the active Validator set without compromising consensus.

This proposed expansion of the active Validator set is a gradual and reasonable step supporting the decentralization and growth of the Validator set on Q protocol voting without putting consensus at risk and with minimal impact on overall staking rewards.