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Join Us in Building Q

Join Us in Building Q

Q is a decentralized protocol. The development of Q is a cooperative effort, managed and executed in a fully decentralized way via governance proposals and community decisions. There are multiple entities, individuals, and DAOs within the Q community that are working on expanding Q’s feature set, improving the protocol’s robustness, and providing tooling and user interfaces. Below you will find some of the contributors to Q, what they are working on and how you can contribute yourself.

Q Development AG

Q Development supports the development of the Q Protocol. Its areas of focus are the technical advancement of Q, the development of new protocol features and the support of Q's community and ecosystem.

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Q Development AG

Q Improvement Proposals

Anyone can submit proposals to enhance the Q Protocol, which the community then reviews, discusses, and votes on to determine the evolution of the Q protocol.

Submitting a Proposal

Anyone can submit an idea to improve the Q protocol. Proposals should outline the suggested changes, reasoning behind them, and benefits to the protocol. You can submit proposal on this Link. To submit a proposal you must own QGOV tokens.

Community Review

Proposals are published on the governance portal for the community to review and discuss. Community members can ask questions, give feedback, suggest revisions, and indicate support or concerns. You can check current proposals on this Link.

Voting & Implementation

If a proposal gains enough support, it proceeds to an on-chain vote. If approved by vote, the Q developers implement the changes into an upcoming protocol upgrade release. This allows good ideas with community backing to be integrated into the protocol.

Ecosystem Fund

Innovative projects within the Q ecosystem can obtain funding through the Q Ecosystem Fund. You can find more details about the Q Ecosystem Fund here.

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Ecosystem Fund