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For truly decentralized organizations that value peace of mind

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Who Benefits from Governance Services by Q

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DeFi, DeSci or AI projects, a DAO or a community actively engaging on-chain

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DAOs that need treasury management, critical system parameters set up, code upgrades without admin keys

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Any organization eliminating risks of centralization when engaging community in the governance process


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3 Key Benefits of Q Governance Service

There are many ways of setting up your governance. With Q you get the following benefits, in practice.

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Transparent legal framework for your organisation

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True accountability of members of your organisation

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Non-binary decision-making on chain without the limitations of code

How Q Works

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Dispute Resolution

Why Opt In for Q Shared Governance Security?

Projects that decided to use one of Q’s governance services do so to improve their governance security against attacks and exploits, and to improve the transparency and effectiveness of their organization.

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51 % Attacks

Occurs when an entity obtains a majority stake in a governance token and attempts to seize control of the project’s assets.

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Centralization Weak Points

Projects that concentrate significant power within a single individual or organization are susceptible to risks such as compromised private keys or unethical behavior by core team members.

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Risk-Free Value

When the total value governed by a project surpasses the value of its governance token, it becomes profitable to assume control of the governance token and push malicious proposals to exploit the DAO.

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Lack of Transparency

When decision-making processes, power structures, and guidelines are unclear, users become confused, leaving the project vulnerable to attacks.

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Rules Not Being Followed

In cases where decision-making powers lack enforceability, harmful transactions can be executed either maliciously or accidentally.

Projects building on Q

Governance as a Service

As the foundation of the Q protocol, the Q Constitution currently supports three services for easy integration. In addition, anyone can propose new services to be added to the Q Constitution in the spirit of open innovation. The Q Development AG team is happy to support with drafting and proposing amendments.

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Enforcement of Subjective Rules

Ensure proposals, as designed by you, include all relevant information for informed decision-making and adhere to your diligence standards.

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Decentralized Code Upgrades

Enable decentralized code updates while safeguarding critical code components from malicious alterations.

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Treasury Oversight

Set up custom spending limits, operational and procurement processes, enforced by external independent oversight.

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Launch a DAO on Q in Less Than 5 Minutes

Q enables quick and easy creation of decentralized organizations, perfect for blockchain enthusiasts, startups, and enterprises alike. Define roles, implement checks, and enable decentralized proposals for robust governance. Build a Strong Foundation. With Q, establish a constitution for your DAO, ensuring legal resilience, heightened security, and transparent sustainability. Effortless Management. Take control of your deployed DAO in the DAO HQ. Engage in governance, elect representatives, conduct upgrades, and monitor vital parameters with ease.

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Reach out for support on developing and adding custom services to Q.

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How Can Projects Onboard to Q’s Governance Services?

Anyone can onboard to Q’s governance services and improve their governance security, by following the steps below. If you have questions or want to be guided through the process, reach out.

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Deploy or connect your DAO to Q

Add a DAO Constitution

Create an opt-in proposal on Q

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