Launch your DAO in Q

If you want to launch a DAO that aims to be more than just a “chatroom with a multisig”, Q is for you. It is the ideal home for DAOs that require governance beyond code-is-law.

You can launch a DAO on Q just as quickly and easily as you can on any other smart contract platform. Q offers a developer-friendly environment that you will love.

But you can also do more: Q allows you to tap into its rich governance framework, providing added security, on-chain and off-chain dispute resolution procedures and much more.

Does your DAO need at least one of the following?

  • A constitution
  • A treasury
  • Regular community votes

If the answer is “yes”, your DAO will likely benefit from using Q’s governance-as-a-service framework.

The way you can think about this is that Q provides to the DAO space what well-run nation states provide to centralized companies: A solid legal & governance infrastructure that reduces risk, protects participants, provides basic frameworks for organizations and thereby boosts the value of whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Check out this example how your DAO governance dashboard could look like, or start building today.

If you want to explore the design space or need a bespoke solution for your DAO or project, contact one of the core governance contributors on Discord.