To support and educate the Q community about the Q Protocol and the $QGOV token, Q Development AG  launched the Q Odyssey Galxe Campaign, going live on April 16th. 

Q Odyssey is the culmination of previous warm-up campaigns where over 28k participants have joined the Q GALXE space. Each user has received their exclusive NFT “Hello: Nice to meet Q” ( 1 N2MQ NFT) and a gas token reward of 0.25 $QGOV. 

In the current Odyssey run, a pool of up to 3 million $QGOV tokens will be distributed among participants based on task completion criteria, with different reward tiers based on completion percentages and a 10,000 $QGOV random raffle for individuals who complete at least 50% of tasks. 

All users will receive 5 Q as a welcome reward when they bridge to Q Mainnet, with additional faucet rewards available during the GALXE campaign. 


Participants will collect XP points during the 6 to 8 weeks of the campaign and secure their position on the leaderboard. Based on the position (top 2% or, top 10%, or top 88%, they will receive a share of the prize pool.


As the journey unfolds, the main campaign beckons with a series of tasks aimed at fostering deeper engagement and exploration, amongst others:

  • Bridge Assets: Bridge at least $10 worth of eligible assets from Ethereum or any of the 28 connected EVM chains to Q Blockchain using the Omni bridge or ElkNet. Eligible assets include WETH, USDC, DAI, WBTC, and ELK.
  • Social Media Engagement: Stay connected with the Q Blockchain community across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. Engage with fellow adventurers and stay informed about campaign updates and developments.
  • Secure the Q Blockchain: Provide $QGOV to the liquid stacking protocol Metapool, which will be used to delegate to best-in-class validators on the Q Blockchain. Earn rewards while securing the network. 
  • Swap and Provide Liquidity: Explore the different options that the ELK DEX offers for token swaps and joining as a liquidity provider. 
  • Swap on Swaptor: Make a swap on Swaptor for at least 5 QUSD, demonstrating your participation in the decentralized exchange ecosystem. 


GALXE offers advanced Sybil protection schemes using web3 score or the GALXE passport. 

Using GALXE Sybil protections, users who have proven their human origin to GALXE will be eligible for a high XP point reward and thus reach the top positions on the leaderboard. It is fair to honest users. 


As the GALXE Odyssey Campaign continues, it brings forth a lighthearted and engaging activity: the Q Community JokeRace. This event fosters camaraderie and humor within the Q community, allowing participants to showcase their wit and creativity.


Support decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) by engaging in tasks to promote governance participation and community empowerment. 

  • Join the Q Odyssey DAO: Become a member of the Q Odyssey DAO, a mini DAO deployed on the Q Blockchain using the DAO Factory. Participation in the DAO enables you to contribute to governance decisions and shape the future of the GALXE ecosystem.
  • Participate in a basic proposal within the Q Odyssey DAO. Vote on proposals such as funding a meme creator with 1000 Q, demonstrating your engagement and commitment to the governance process.
  • Engage in advanced governance participation by creating and voting on NFT minting proposals. Follow the guide to develop and vote on proposals to mint DAO NFTs to your address, further enhancing your involvement in the DAO ecosystem.


Engage in various governance tasks within the Q ecosystem, contributing to the decentralized decision-making process and shaping the future of Q Protocol.

  • Lock Q Tokens for Voting in the QVault: Lock at least 1 Q token for voting in the QVault, granting you voting power and enabling participation in governance decisions within the Q ecosystem.
  • Vote on a Proposal: Exercise your voting rights by participating in a meaningful governance proposal. Your vote plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of proposals and shaping the direction of the Q ecosystem.
  • Delegate Voting Power: Delegate your voting power to a trusted community member or a second wallet. Alternatively, explore the Root Node Panel governance section to learn about stakeholders in Q.


Engage in validator-related tasks, contributing to the security and decentralization of the Q blockchain.

Delegate to a Validato: Delegate 1 Q or more to a validator , contributing to the economic security of Q and supporting validator nodes within the Q network.


Spread the Word About Q: Create and share informative content about the Q protocol, what you learned from the GALXE Odyssey, and the broader Q blockchain ecosystem. Options include a Twitter thread, a short video/reel, a full-length explainer video on YouTube, and a meme about Q shared on Twitter & Discord.

The GALXE Odyssey Campaign invites you on an exciting journey into decentralized fun, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and community exploration. This campaign isn’t just about protocols and codes; it’s a testament to the boundless possibilities when creativity and collaboration intersect in the Web3 space. The more tasks you complete, the more tokens you’ll earn. And here’s the best part – your voice matters! Your active participation amplifies your rewards and strengthens our community.

Over 28,000 participants have already joined the Q Galxe space! What are you waiting for? Join them at