Exciting times are ahead in the Q Protocol ecosystem. With a notable enhancement to the Q Blockchain Explorer, analyzing Q’s chain data becomes smoother, richer, and more intuitive.


The latest update integrates Blockscout 2.0, an open-source blockchain explorer, to bring a significant enhancement to our Blockchain Explorer. This integration not only introduces a sleek, user-friendly interface but also equips the explorer with a robust data analytics platform. Tailored to serve the diverse needs of the Q Protocol community, it ensures a comprehensive and intuitive chain exploration experience.

You can continue to access the Q Blockchain Explorer under https://explorer.q.org/

Now, let’s dive into the exciting new features and capabilities that this integration has unlocked:

Enhanced Data Insights from the Q Blockchain Explorer

Q Mainnet Stats

Leveraging the new analytics capabilities, the Q Blockchain Explorer lets you analyze a wealth of information, uncovering the dynamic activity within the Q Protocol:

  • Total Blocks and Transactions: Showing the cumulative number of blocks and transactions, illustrating the network’s activity and growth.
  • Active Participation: Highlighting the total number of addresses and accounts that have engaged with the blockchain, reflecting the expanding community.
  • Performance Metrics: Including average block time and transaction success rates, providing insight into the efficiency and reliability of the network.
  • Tokens and Contracts: Detailing the total number of tokens and contracts, indicating the variety of assets and smart contracts on the platform.

These enhanced data insights offer the Q Protocol community a comprehensive view of blockchain activity, from network performance to asset diversity. The updated Q Blockchain Explorer, with its interactive and user-friendly interface, ensures that these insights are readily accessible, empowering users with the information they need to navigate the protocol landscape effectively.

Additional Features for an Enhanced Experience:

  • Effortless Search: Enhanced search functionality makes finding specific information on blocks, transactions and tags more intuitive.
  • Direct Contract Interactions: Simplified through the Blockscout UI, this feature facilitates straightforward reading and writing to contracts, clarifying complex processes.
  • Fast Contract Verification: Tools like Hardhat and Sourcify offer quick and reliable verification, contributing to a secure ecosystem.
  • Enhanced API Integration: The API has been fine-tuned to accommodate both standard and customized requests, ensuring efficient data access.
  • Simplified Data Export: Enhanced to support straightforward analysis or report generation, with the option to download data in CSV format.
  • Flexible Timeframes: Choose from a wide range of time options, including all-time and specific monthly views, to customize your data exploration.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Ensuring that access to data remains constant, regardless of location, with mobile-optimized charts.

In wrapping up the highlights of this update, a shout-out to the Blockscout team is in order for their continuous efforts in developing the tools that empower the blockchain community. Their work lays the foundation for enhancements like those seen in the latest Q Blockchain Explorer update, contributing to the broader ecosystem’s growth.

Stay engaged for more updates and integrations, as the journey of the Q Protocol ecosystem is a collaborative effort towards progress and innovation.