This is a statement from the Q International Foundation on its vote on Startup Live DAO’s Onboarding Proposal. The Q International Foundation’s Voting Policy lays down the principles according to which it exercises the voting rights attached to its Q tokens. This statement is published in accordance with the Q International Foundation’s commitment to providing full transparency of its voting behavior in DAO Onboarding Proposal.

Startup Live DAO’s Onboarding Proposal is currently open for voting on-chain. Since it is an Onboarding Proposal, it requires a 25% quorum and more than 50% majority to pass, pursuant to the Q Constitution.

In this proposal, Startup Live DAO seeks to subject Travel Expense Treasury Proposals to Root Node oversight through “insufficient justification for use of Integrated Application funds” in accordance with Paragraph 3 of Part B of Appendix 11.

Intended voting action

Q International Foundation supports the initiative for projects to integrate their governance with the Q Protocol through Governance Services to Integrated Applications. At the same time, it does not see a particular reason to take a directional view on this issue. Q International Foundation therefore submits a “neutral” vote in accordance with par. 2. a. of its Voting Policy. Concretely, this means that Q International Foundation submits an equal number of “yes” and “no” votes, thereby ensuring that the quorum required for the proposal to pass is met, while not influencing the outcome of the vote.


Fundamental Constitution Proposal #6 introduced the concept of Governance Services to Integrated Applications on Q. Projects may integrate their governance with Q using one of the three Governance Services. In order to do so, applicant projects may submit a proposal as to the Service requested and the fee they are willing to pay for it.

As one can see from the external reference of Startup Live DAO’s proposal, the applicant has specified the requested service, the proposed fee, and additional information to facilitate this governance integration if accepted.

This proposed Onboarding would result in additional fees for the Q ecosystem and would implement the mechanism introduced in Fundamental Constitution Proposal #6 and envisioned in the Section 5 of the Q Whitepaper.