We are thrilled to announce the Q Infinity Program going live on June 6th, 2024, giving participants a chance to earn a share of up to 15 million $QGOV tokens, 1.5% of the total initial supply! This program is not just about rewards; it’s about fostering community participation and building the foundation for a bright and decentralized future. We are building for a future with infinite possibilities and invite you to join us on this journey!

How to get started with participating in the Q Infinity program?

To participate in the Q Infinity Program, all users will require a referral code, which will be initially provided by the Q Development AG team. Once registered, you can immediately receive points. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Get Referral Codes: Visit the Q Infinity Program landing page to kickstart your participation. You’ll need a referral code, which will be provided to all early Q users, including community members, validators, and participants of various Q initiatives. 

Use the provided referral code to join the campaign and invite friends: share your referral code with friends to get a 10% referral reward in points when they lock eligible assets. Get an additional 2% referral reward when your invited friend invites someone and they lock eligible assets. Bring more friends and receive more points. 

  • Bridge and Lock Assets to Q: Use the Omnibridge to bridge assets from Ethereum, or opt for the ELKnet bridge to transfer ELK tokens. Lock these tokens in the Infinity smart contract to accumulate points and climb the leaderboard. Eligible assets include a minimum of 0.1 WETH, 300 USDC, or 2500 ELK. The more you bridge, the more points you will receive. Get 100 points every time you bridge 0.1 WETH, 300 USDC, or 2500 ELK.
  • Engage on X: Boost your points by interacting with the Q Blockchain on Twitter. Post tweets using $QGOV and tag @QBlockchain. The X API will track your activity and add points weekly. Like, retweet, and comment on posts that mention $QGOV or @QBlockchain. The points will be updated every week in your Leaderboard.

Q & A

What are the eligible assets and minimum amounts required for token locking to receive points?

  • Bridge assets from Ethereum using Omnibridge or ELK tokens using ELKnet bridge.
  • Lock a minimum of 0.1 WETH, 300 USDC, or 2500 ELK to receive points
  • Receive 100 points for every 0.1 WETH, 300 USDC, or 2500 ELK locked

What are the different ways to get points in the Q Protocol Infinity program?

You can accumulate points in the following ways in the Q Infinity program:

  • By bridging and locking eligible assets ( WETH, USDC, ELK).
  • By inviting your friends, you will receive an additional 10% infinity points.
  • By tweeting about the Q Protocol on X using $QGOV & tagging @Qblockchain.
  • By engaging with a tweet that mentions $QGOV & @Qblockchain.

How to earn extra points by referring friends to the Q Blockchain referral program?

When your friend joins the Q Infinity program using your invite code and locks eligible assets, you will receive an additional 10% in points based on the amount they received from locking those assets.

Example: If your friend locks 0.1 WETH and gets 100 points, you will get 10% of 100 points.

What to do after bridging the eligible assets?

After you bridge the minimum eligible assets i.e. 0.1 WETH, 300 USDC or 2500 ELK you have to lock those assets in the Q Infinity smart contract.

Go to the lock assets section, choose the eligible asset, and lock it by confirming the transaction in your wallet.

How long does the Infinity Program last?

The Infinity Program will be live from June 6th 2024 to August 4th 2024.

When can I withdraw my locked assets?

All users will be able to unlock and withdraw their assets 60 days after the Infinity Program ends. 

Participating in the campaign is easy and rewarding – the more friends you bring, the more points you receive! Start Now! https://engage.qdev.li/