Q Development introduces the “DAO Factory”, an easy-to-use governance toolkit for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. The DAO Factory enables communities to create DAOs on Q in under 5 minutes. By providing the beta version of the DAO Factory under an open-source license to the Q Community, Q Development is paving the way for a more autonomous, transparent, and efficient decentralized future.

Lisbon, August 31 — Q Development, a Liechtenstein-based company supporting the development of the Q Protocol, is set to publish its game-changing DAO Factory — a solution that enables anyone to set up a DAO on Q in under five minutes. By leveraging the principles that have been developed for the Q Protocol, the DAO Factory is poised to empower communities with a level of autonomy, transparency, and ease unprecedented in the decentralized space.

The DAO Factory offers a straightforward, no-code platform for deploying decentralized organizations. It is built with the essential DAO functionalities at its core, allowing users to set roles, create subDAOs, and incorporate vetoes. This ensures a governance system that is both balanced and robust. A key feature is its complete on-chain management. All voting, settings adjustments, and even code upgrades are executed on-chain, promoting full transparency and decentralization.

Moreover, the DAO Factory is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Q blockchain’s governance mechanisms. It supports easy setup for DAO constitutions and is gearing up to introduce root node supervision in future iterations. The DAO Factory is a comprehensive solution for those seeking efficient and transparent decentralized governance. The publication of the DAO Factory takes the Q Protocol one step closer to becoming the most comprehensive full-stack governance solution for the emerging decentralized world.

“We are immensely proud to introduce DAO Factory to the world,” said Gerrit Brügge, lead developer for the project. “Our mission is to make decentralization more than just a buzzword. With the DAO Factory, we’re giving communities the tools to make collective decisions effectively and transparently. This is a revolutionary step towards realizing the full potential of decentralized organizations.”

The DAO Factory’s signature trait lies in its intricate constitution-based smart contract system. This sophisticated platform goes beyond merely automating decisions based on community consensus; it ensures seamless operational efficiency and includes dispute-resolution mechanisms and the enforcement of those decisions. Its built-in modules include the ability for DAO members to adopt enforceable constitutions that enable complex discretionary decisions — all without the need to adopt “old-world” solutions such as legal wrappers. These distinctive attributes protect DAOs from arbitrary legal overreach and ensure the DAO Factory’s place as a premier solution in the decentralized landscape.

“We’ve built DAO Factory with the understanding that each decentralized community is unique and has its specific needs and challenges,” said Q Protocol co-initiator, Nicolas Biagosch. “Our advanced and flexible framework truly stands out for its commitment to decentralization while ensuring customizability. This unique combination allows communities to adapt the Protocol to their specific needs in a completely decentralized manner. By fostering this level of autonomy, we aim to empower communities, facilitating a transformative shift in how they operate and interact. This balance of customization and unwavering dedication to decentralization forms the cornerstone of our offering — a truly revolutionary feature in this space.”

The introduction of the DAO Factory promises a new era of effective and transparent decentralized governance. With its commitment to innovation and community empowerment, Q Development sets the stage for a more democratic, efficient, and transparent future for decentralized organizations.

About Q

Q is a new type of economy, providing a framework for decentralized organizations to flourish. Based upon a novel Layer-1 public blockchain, complete with governance infrastructure, Q is a chain that unlocks the new evolution of organizations. Any protocol, community, or DAO can integrate with Q, instantly improving its governance’s quality and security. The human-centered, plug-and-play governance system makes it easy to launch bespoke, transparent, and fair processes for decision-making, enforcement, and dispute resolution. Q is a cooperation backstop when “code is law” cannot answer non-deterministic questions. It allows for automated efficiency and human complexity to co-exist, making organizations incorruptible and prepared for the unknown. Q takes us beyond code, beyond yes and no, into an incorruptible future.

To learn more, visit q.org.