Colossus Staking to Support the Q Protocol with Validation and Custody Services

Gamprin-Bendern, Liechtenstein – May 3d, 2024

Q Development AG, a company supporting the development of the Q Protocol, announces that Colossus Staking – an institutional-grade validator – now supports the Q Protocol.

This represents a significant addition to Q Blockchain’s existing set of institutional validators, including Greenfield Capital, HashKey, Chainlayer, and Deutsche Telekom.

Q Protocol tackles crypto’s next opportunity by providing a full-scope governance layer that decentralizes the enforcement of subjective rules, offering governance-as-a-service features to other protocols, applications, and DAOs across various chains, thus addressing key issues like governance exploits and legal risks while fostering new business models in web3.

The support of Colossus Staking, a staking services provider and crypto custodian regulated under the Italian OAM, will expand institutional access to the Q Protocol. Known for its focus on security and transparency, Colossus Staking will add to the integrity of Q’s Layer 1 blockchain.

In addition to staking and custody, Colossus Staking will offer in-custody governance services. This will allow institutional clients to participate in the governance of the Q Protocol without the need to directly manage their tokens. 

We are proud that Colossus as an institutional-grade validator supports the Q Protocol. Enabling in-custody governance participation for its clients is a feature that is not only innovative, but perfectly matches Q’s focus on providing best-in-class governance services in the space.” said Andrei Martchouk, contributor to Q Protocol.

“Colossus decided to join Q as a validator to support their innovative vision. As a regulated entity and institutional player, Colossus found the perfect synergy with the initiatives that the Q Foundation is bringing to life. We see ourselves as the bridge between staking and custody, a connection often valued and utilized by institutional players like venture capital firms, asset managers, foundations, and family offices. The Q Protocol, with its unique governance system, is enabling additional services that empower and institutionalize the blockchain.

With Q’s expertise in law and regulation and Colossus’s expertise in staking and custody, we aim to resolve the trilemma of “Custody, Governance, or Staking.” Our clients, whether institutional or retail, will no longer need to separate these three crucial blockchain operations. By improving this integrated system, we believe in empowering the DeFi community, enhancing security, and improving asset management.” – Gianni Pelosi, CEO at Colossus mentions

Colossus Staking’s comprehensive approach to digital asset custody and staking ensures that institutional clients receive secure, top-tier custodial services and the opportunity to actively participate in staking, enhancing engagement within the Q Protocol ecosystem. ‍

About Colossus Staking

Colossus Staking is a fully licensed digital asset custodian focused on providing secure solutions for blockchain networks, financial institutions, and the broader Web3 ecosystem. Colossus combines technological, financial, and management knowledge with an in-depth understanding of blockchain to ensure a balanced and fair digital ecosystem. 

About Q Development AG

Q is a novel blockchain protocol acting as a fundamental governance layer in Web3. 

It combines the benefits of a public, open, and decentralized ledger with the transparency and predictability of enforceable private contracts. It enables adoption by many use cases that desire decentralization but require scalability and dependability.

Q Development AG is a private company based in Gamprin-Bendern, Liechtenstein, whose primary purpose is to advance the Q protocol and support the Q ecosystem. To learn more about Q, please visit: